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Dungeons and Dragons 5E Tools & Resources

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Resources, including class, race guides, tools tips and tricks, Dungeon Master's Guides, Resources on how to be a better Dungeon Master, music for your game, recipes for DND Game Night, how to customize your dice, and how to play and survive in different environments like the UnderDark, Eberron, etc.


Class Guides

Barbarian Bard
Cleric Druid
Fighter Monk
Paladin Ranger
Rogue Sorcerer
Warlock Wizard


D&D Races

Dragonborn Dwarf
Elf Gnome
Half Orc Half Elf
Halfling Human


DND Player Resources

Beginner's Guide to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition How to Resolve Conflict in a D&D Group
How to Start a D&D Club How to Find a D&D Gaming Group
Benefits of Roleplaying Games to Kids What is Dungeons and Dragons?
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List of Gaming Conventions - Top Gaming Conventions Gaming Convention Survival Guide
What Is Dungeons and Dragons? How to Play D&D 5E



Dungeon Master Tools

Best DND Map Making Tools 12 Tools for Every Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master Tips for New or Veteran DM's How to Run a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign (Tips for Dungeon Masters)
Awesome Background Music for D&D

Dungeons and Dragons Props for Dungeon Masters


Campaign Settings

D&D Ravnica Alignment Explained

3 Things to Know Before an Eberron Campaign

How to Run an Underdark Campaign

A Guide to Surviving the Underdark

Adventurer's Guide to Planescape 5E and Planar Adventures in D&D DM's Guide to Running 5E Planescape and Planar Adventures
Adventurer's Guide to Darksun 5E Campaigns (Desert and Wasteland Campaigns) Player's Guide to Adventuring in Spacefaring Campaigns (Spelljammer, Star Wars, Starfinder)
A DM’s Guide to Running Spelljammer and Other Spacefaring Adventures Ultimate Players Guide to Adventuring in Aquatic and Seafaring Campaigns
Eberron 5E - DM's Campaign Guide Eberron 5E - Player's Guide to Steampunk D&D Campaign
A Guide to Surviving the Underdark




Making Custom Dice - Reinking Dice Making Custom Dice - Frosting Dice
D&D Dice Explained How to Use a D100
How to Improve Gaming Store Sales 10 Easy Food Ideas and Recipes for D&D Game Night
DND Dice Roller SRD