2020 Mother’s Day DnD Gift Guide

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DnD Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Perfect Gift for your Nerdy Mom  

So your mom’s all about Critical Role, or DnD in general, or has just been a huge nerd forever?

No idea what to get your nerdy mom for Mother’s Day? Want to get her the perfect gift that really shows you understand her D&D hobby but you’re not sure what she wants/already has? Stick with us for just a second, we’ll spell everything out so no matter how strange all this nerd stuff sounds you’ll know what to get her from these top 10 Mother’s Day DnD gifts.

11: Massive Dice Bag

$29.99, for the dice hoarder mom.

Massive DnD Dice Bag

Does your mom have a ton of dice sets? Does she seem to spend a lot of time digging out the “right” ones? Get her one of these Immense Dice Bags and she’ll be able to divide her dice however she pleases between the numerous pockets. If she’s ever mentioned a “dice jail” or anything like that she’ll appreciate one of these. They say they can hold over 100 dice but it’s closer to 200. They sit nicely without falling over and it’s incredibly easy to pull out a pile of d6’s or banish the d20 that failed you to the prison pouch. Probably best for the D&D mom who’s been in the hobby for a long time and already has a dice hoard.

10: D&D Acrylic Condition Rings

$29.99, track various conditions easily!

DnD Spell Condition Rings

This Acrylic Condition Ring Set comes with 72 Status Rings in 18 conditions that you can hang off your NPC and PC minis to track what Dungeons and Dragons conditions are affecting them. These rings make tracking status effects during combat so much easier, definitely better than using colored rubber bands or colored bottle cap.


9: Dragon Sculptural Pen

$11.99-ish, for the D&D mom with a pile of notes and character sheets.

Dragon Pen

Does your mom keep meticulous notes? Does she save every single character sheet she’s ever used? Is she the one writing everything down in her games? Pick up one of these Dragon Pens, they’re not proper calligraphy pens but the awesome stage theater for the games and look amazing. They have a surprisingly good hand fit/feel and you can change out the actual pen part unlike a lot of other fancy pens I’ve seen. She’ll feel awesome taking her notes with a dragon! 

8: Skullsplitter Huntress Dice Set

$9.99, high-quality dice set in red/pink with extra dice.

Huntress Dice Set for DnD

Dice are always a pretty good gift idea in general, especially if you can find some that feel unique rather than just some generic mono-color set. I found these Huntress Dice from Skullsplitter and I think they’ll go over beautifully without breaking the bank. It’s a semi-translucent red verging on pink and off-white marbling. It kind of reminds me of muscle tissue while somehow remaining vaguely feminine. That being said, not all ladies are into the color pink so results may vary. I do love that it comes with 2 d20s for advantage and disadvantage rolls, along with 4 d6s that cover a lot of needed damage rolls. Not to mention it comes with a dice bag, great value for about the price of a normal polyhedral set.

7: D&D Travel Bag

$84.99, for the D&D mom on the go.

DnD Travel Bag

Does your mom have a whole slew of boxes and bags that she takes to her games? A bag with books and notes, another for minis, and another bag full of dice? I recommend you pick up a D&D Travel Bag, they’re designed specifically for condensing down everything you need for the game into one sporty bag. You can shop around for different styles, but I highly recommend finding one with a foam insert tray to carry miniatures around, and at least enough space for 4-5 books. Bonus points if you can get something that matches her favorite outfit (I’m terrible at fashion so your guess is as good as mine).

6: D&D Magic Item Cards

$19.99, for Mother’s Day or literally any D&D player, these are great!

Magic Card Set

I’ve played a ton of games where a player forgets they have a magic item or uses it incorrectly. Rather than just a scrawl in a character sheet, these cards give you a classy full-color picture of your items and detail exactly how they work. There are a few versions of these, but I prefer this Magic Item Card Set from Gale Force Nine (a company I recommend in general). For just 20 bucks you get nearly 300 magic item cards for all the magic items found within the Dungeon Master’s Guide. If your mom is the DM she’ll love being able to hand out a physical card when her players get a magic item, and if she’s a player she’ll love having a visual item for her games.

5: Monster Pawns

$29.99 to $49.99 depending on set, instant mass mini collection.


One of the fundamental problems with collecting minis is storage, plus you often end up needing minis you don’t have regardless of your collection’s size. Pawn sets are a great way to mitigate these problems. Basically, you get a ton of little stands and hundreds of interchangeable monsters and character punch-outs. This way you can have a huge variety of creatures in a single compact box. I really like the Pathfinder sets for this, particularly their Bestiary Sets, but there are a ton of options that go along with this basic idea. Get one of these for your mom if she loves collecting minis, especially if she’s the DM.

4: A Ton of Sparkly Dice!

$17.99, for the mom who already has too many dice and wants more.

Glitter Dice Bundle SkullSplitter Dice

Hopefully, I don’t repeat myself too much, but dice are always going to be a good gift for D&D players. Even if your mom has a great big bag of dice, she’s still going to be happy to open more. If you get bland cheap ones, they’ll probably be forgotten in the bag though. I’ll swear by Skullsplitter dice and even their cheaper offerings are extremely good dice sets. Not all moms like sparkle and glimmer but I’ll bet this collection of 6 Polyhedral Glitter Sets will go over swimmingly. And that’s at a price that would normally only buy a set and a half at a local shop.

3: Rings of Power Status Markers

$19.99, for your mom the dungeon master.

 Rings of Power DnD

In a complicated battlefield things can get really chaotic and difficult to keep track of. When multiple casters start flinging status effects around and people keep setting things on fire it is extremely helpful to have a physical marker that indicates what is going on. There are a ton of condition markers out there but these guys called Rings of Power really stand out to me. They’re visually quite appealing, which I really appreciate, and their gimmick is that they stack easily on top of each other. That may sound trivial, but I’ve had situations trying to hang 4 or 5 condition markers off a single mini and it just becomes a mess. I highly recommend these as a Mother’s Day gift, especially if your mom is the DM.

2: Laser-Cut Airship

$45.99, for your mom’s Eberron campaign.

DnD Airship

There’s a whole line up of these products but I wanted to show off the Airship because it’s freaking amazing. These woodcut ships allow you to fight in and around the deck where otherwise it would get confusing as the PCs go up and down levels or fly around. The floors of the ship are all marked out with grids like a playmat but also detailed beautifully. The seagoing Ship is probably going to be more universally useful but I just had to bring up the airship for the cool factor. They’re also super easy to assemble and disassemble, so no worries about portability. They’re big, they’re impressive, and they’ll be sure to make any D&D mom yell “wow” when they get it on Mother’s Day.

1: Skullsplitter Metal Dice Set

$30-ish, best pick for any nerdy mom.

SkullSplitter Metal Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons

Every D&D player ends up collecting a lot of dice over the years, usually to be forever mixed into a behemoth dice bag (most often a crown royal bag) that we pick from every game. However, I have a set that has remained separate and I’ve used at practically every game for years now. As a Christmas present I received a Skullsplitter Metal Dice Set and they’re a perfect gift for any D&D player. Metal dice feel amazing to roll and they’ll always be a step above even the prettiest plastic dice. The weight of them and the satisfying sound of their rolls will always make me grab for them first.

For me, Skullsplitter is a step above on quality, and their included dice boxes seal the deal. They come with little metal boxes labeled as either “dwarven chests” or “warlock tomes” depending on the style. These fit nicely in with my gaming stuff and stay shut even when tossed around. The interior has form fitted slots for each die and the top doubles as a little padded dice tray. For the money I can’t recommend anything else above one of these sets for your D&D Mother’s Day present. Just shop around for your Mom’s favorite colors, but be fast, they often sell out of certain styles.



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