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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Dice - How to Frost Your Dice and Make them Unique and Cool

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Dice - How to Frost Your Dice and Make them Unique and Cool

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The Ultimate Guide To Custom Dice - How to Frost Your Dice and Make them Unique and Cool

Do you want Custom Dice that only you own? Do you want the most unique and cool dice for your Dungeons and Dragons game?

Then use this guide to make your own frosted dice. You might want to re-ink them after frosting them and you’ll have a set that’s as unique as your character. Read on to see how quick and easy frosting your dice can be.

Many players love their translucent dice, but once they’ve seen frosted dice their eyes light up like Gollum looking at the One Ring.


Many dice are tumbled in “rock tumbler” like devices as part of the dice making process. This removes the excess paint, and polishes the dice. What many don’t know is that by using a rougher/larger polishing material it’s possible to make them come out with a “frosted” finish. When combined with re-inking, you can create a frosted DnD dice set that is truly unique to you and your character. Continue reading to find out how to make your own custom dice!

Equipment You'll Need:

Besides dice there are three easy ways to frost your dice is either using disposable nail files, sand paper, or sanding sponges. While they’re a little more expensive, I preferred the sanding sponges largely because they have a weight and corners. This helps ensure you’re able to easily frost the edges and hold on to the board while holding the die. If you’re holding both it can become a little unmanageable. For the example pictures below we used these sanding sponges from Amazon.

 Sanding Sponges

*we didn't end up needing the little finger protectors but they might be nice to have if you're going to do this a lot.

 A mini jewlers vise grip could also be useful here, just remember you’ll need to potentially reposition the die a lot. We tried three levels of sanding sponges, and found that the medium grade texture (fine) tends to be the right combination for nice frosted appeal. It’s similar with nail files and sand paper; the more coarse tends to leave larger marks, and the less coarse tends to not scuff it up enough to create the desired effect. 

Mini Jewelers Vise


Dice; you'll want translucent dice. We have some available here ;p

Frosting Your Dice:

When doing your frosting, it’s best to make straight line brushes across from different angles, then small circles. If you push too had and there are visible lines you can fix these by doing sanding orthogonally to the lines. It’ll help make them not as prominent.

The results are a "wow" from a very subtle effect.

In conclusion, frosting your dice, along with re-inking them can help you make dice that are truly your own. Share your own custom dice creations with us by email, or by tagging us with #skullsplitterdice on your favorite social network.

If you're done frosting, you might considering changing the ink to. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Re-Inking Your Dice here


 Making Custom Dice - Frosting Translucent Dice


Amazing Custom Dice - Frosted

Frequently Asked Questions about Frosting or Customizing Dice:

How do I frost my dice?

What we’re going to show you If you have translucent/clear dice is how to frost them yourself. It’s surprisingly quick and easy and doesn’t require a lot of tools. You may already have everything you need in your house right now. 

Does frosting dice damage them?

It certainly can! Pressing too hard can leave deep scratches or remove ink, so it’s important to, no matter what frosting tool you use, to let the weight of the tool do the work. We also recommend offering up that percentile die as sacrifice an experiment to see if you like the effect and get used to the amount of pressure that you need to use..

Can I just frost a few sides?

You can, but that tends to not make as much of a frosted effect. Also, frosting just one side may impact the balance/fairness of your dice. The only true way to tell if it has is to use the Chi squared test.

Does frosting dice affect the balance?

It *could*, especially if you shave down a side during the frosting process; this is part of why we recommend not pushing hard and instead letting the sanding tool work through it’s weight. This obviously will vary based on the tool.

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