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BFCM Sale is On! 30% off Sitewide - Daily Deals - Click Here!


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Okay, this is the most amazing dice company I have ever bought from. I bought a mystery bag set on a whim because it was on sale, and I was, first of all, delighted by the in-character emails sent out to inform me that my order had been received and shipped! Then I got the PDF parts of the order, and those were high quality and fun, as well. My order got to my apartment a day earlier than expected, and the dice are awesome! I was delighted by the variety and design of the dice, and they roll well, too! Plus, the stickers are very well done and high quality. I very much plan to order here again, and to tell my friends about them!

Emma Kratz

Great quality dice, exactly what I was looking for! The order arrived on time and I love them all. The hardest part was deciding which sets I was giving to my sons and which sets I was keeping!

Thank you!

William Burch

Fast delivery, great prices, great product.

Fredrick Dinwiddie

SkullSplitter is an amazing company. They have so many dice and they are all gorgeous. Prompt shipping and amazing customer service! You guys are our household's fav dice company!

Jenna Minor

This is a pretty great company. They have excellent variety of products, always high quality, quick turn around from purchase to receipt, friendly service. Love them.

Kristina Winger

Wonderful, like always. The dice came in perfect condition, and the whole time I was waiting for it SkullSplitter was letting me know exactly where in the shipping process it was with an email system that can only be described as legendary. 10/10 will buy again

Tristan Downey

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