List of Gaming Conventions - Top Gaming Conventions

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List of Gaming Conventions - and Top Gaming Conventions

Scrolls down for a giant list of gaming conventions! OR if you're new to gaming conventions, check out our recommended gaming cons!

Go to gaming conventions! I just needed to get that out of the way. A trip to a gaming convention can be an absolutely glorious experience that I implore all nerds from all walks of life to give a chance at least once, no matter how introverted you may be. Cons are a great place to open up, meet new people, and play an insane quantity of games. This list is not definitive (see below for our giant list of other gamins cons, including activities like tabletop gaming, board games and gaming tournaments). I’m just a humble nerd giving my opinions and rankings, but you can bet every single convention on this list is worth its salt and your time.

#10 Breakoutcon

Location: Toronto, Canada

Size: 1,000-2,000

Started In: 2018

Main Draw: Casual hang-out gaming atmosphere

 I’ve placed Breakoutcon at my #10 spot because it really exemplifies an ideal small gaming con. It started out extremely small and has been rapidly expanding. Breakoutcon is a place to relax with a bunch of new friends to play TTRPGs and board games. There’s very little pressure to buy stuff, very little hustle, it’s like your just there with your friends to play some games and it just so happens that there’s over a thousand of you. Small gaming cons like Breakoutcon are perfect if you’re more interested in just gaming, than in seeing the newest games as they roll out. If you’re not near Toronto, don’t worry! There’s a slew of similar small tabletop gaming cons around the world and there’s a good chance of finding one in your neck of the woods. 


#9 Ropecon

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Size: 4,000

Started In: 1994

Main Draw: LARP and TTRPG fanatics

 Ropecon has been going on for close to two decades and this proven con is filled with absolutely fanatical gamers. It hosts everything from beginner roleplay tutorials to fully costumed live action role play adventures. If you’re worried about a language barrier, Ropecon is breathtakingly multicultural, as most games can be played in both English and Finnish as well as a wide swath of other languages. It touts itself as a “non-commercial” convention, and you’ll find that reflected in its relatively tame vendor hall filled with mostly independent artists. If you’re a larper, or general role-play enthusiast, I highly recommend Ropecon as my destination con of choice.


#8 Gary con

Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Size: 2,200

Started In: 2008

Main Draw: Old-school gaming 


Gary Con was started to honor the great Gary Gygax (creator of Dungeons and Dragons) when he passed away in 2008. The first Gary Con or what they now call “Gary Con 0” was held as a sort of impromptu event across many locations, the next year Gary’s son Luke Gygax made Gary Con official and it’s been growing and holding strong ever since. Gary Con has maintained its classic nerdy identity and it feels just like meeting your friends and playing a game on the kitchen countertop. If you’re in the Midwest, consider honoring the man who started it all with a visit to Gary Con. 


#7 CMON Expo

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Size: Thousands/Undisclosed

Started In: 2013

Main Draw: Glorious miniatures everywhere!


CMON Expo (Cool Mini Or Not Expo) is a glorious celebration of all things tabletop. They have a emphasis on miniatures and you’ll usually find them demoing and showcasing new miniature games, wargames and extremely intricate TTRPG setups. Beautiful mini displays abound along with “The Crystal Brush” miniature painting competition. They’re also historically generous with grab-bags and free goodies so expect to leave the convention floor with a ton of cool swag. If you are at all interested in miniatures, painting, or high-grade tabletop gaming, give CMON Expo a look.


#6 Origins Game Fair

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Size: 20,000-21,000

Started In: 1975

Main Draw: Game prototypes and huge variety of panels


Origins Game Fair (so called because it sits where Avelon Hill got its start) is a massive celebration of the tabletop gaming industry. Publishers use this convention to demo and test their new prototypes and it’s a great place to pick up games on the cheap straight from the developers. It’s an absolutely massive convention that has stood the test of time. Its backed by some of the largest and most influential games companies and it never fails to have something new and interesting. The upcoming Origins Game Fair claims to have 6,000+ gaming events on the schedule, I guarantee you’ll find something that’s just right for you. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend giving the Origins Game Fair a try.


#5 UK Games Expo

Location: Birmingham, England

Size: 21,000-22,000

Started In: 2007

Main Draw: Big league tabletop gaming tournaments


If Breakoutcon exemplifies a casual or amateur atmosphere, UK Games Expo is the smart and slick professional. UK Games Expo hosts massive professional game tournaments along with a huge take and play game library. People come here to play games, pure and simple! Compared to other similarly sized cons, they maintain a particularly spacious free gaming table area and encourage pick-up gaming just as much as their dedicated tournaments. UK Games Expo also gives out awards to the publishers of new games for their showings each year so there’s a strong feeling of developers trying to prove their worth. It’s the perfect con for people who really want to spend a solid weekend gaming.


#4 Gen Con

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Size: 60,000-62,000

Started In: 1968

Main Draw: Magic the Gathering World Championships and Massive Size


Gen Con is big, and even more than that it FEELS big. Most of my exposure to Gen Con as been on the MTG side of things with countless side events and games surrounding the world championship. I also have a personal attachment to the EN World RPG awards that are held there (I’ve done a lot of work for EN World) so it’s biased but do check those out. They also host the “D&D Championship Series”, a long running series of adventures dating all the way back to 1977. Overall though, Gen Con has a lot less emphasis on free-gaming and much more emphasis on its massive vendor hall and the tournament events. Think of Gen Con as a ginormous swap-meet and gaming bazaar that you can also play games in.


#3 Dragon Con

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Size: 80,000+

Started In: 1987

Main Draw: Cosplay fanatics


Dragon Con has grown huge, and while it has some of the crowding problems systemic to all big cons, it’s also got some of the most passionate geeks you’ll ever meet. Dragon Con absorbed several smaller nerdy cons as it expanded and the resulting mishmash represents the full gamut of nerd culture. It hosts the second oldest robotics battling competition in the world, the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant, and the North American Science Fiction Convention. Everyone here loves what they do, whether they’re battling robots or applying makeup on-top of their Klingon cosplay. If you’re looking for cool cosplays and passionate people, give Dragon Con a chance. 


#2 San Diego Comic Con

Location: San Diego, California

Size: 167,000-170,000

Started In: 1970

Main Draw: The biggest comic and pop-culture convention in the world


This is it, the big show, the iconic comic convention that everybody knows and talks about and looks forward to. First off, San Diego Comic Con is crowded and chaotic. There’s really no denying how intimidating over 100,000 people can be, and if you can’t deal with large crowds you need to give it a pass. This is the big time though, all the big announcements get made here, all the newest, coolest big releases get there shots here. I don’t recommend going to San Diego Comic Con every year, it’s a bit of an ordeal to attend. Cool events tend to fill up and you’ll likely get lost in the masses. I do recommend every nerd go at least once though, it’s an experience, a sort of rite of passage that every nerd should see.


#1 PAX

Locations: Seattle, Washington - Seattle, Washington (PAX West, PAX Dev)

Boston, Massachusetts (PAX East)

Melbourne, Victoria (PAX Australia)

San Antonio, Texas (PAX South)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PAX Unplugged)

Size: 70,000-80,000

Started In: 2004

Main Draw: Everything for gaming by gamers

 PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) was created as a convention for gamers exclusively about gaming. It’s got a ton of locations all around the world and I think PAX is my #1 pick for literally everybody. It does get some of the crowding problems that plague comic con, but because they’ve dispersed so far, they’ve done a great job of keeping that problem under control. PAX has gotten a lot of attention for their indie video game releases, but it’s also a massive home for new tabletop games and gameplay. PAX is big enough to attract all the big names and big announcements, but it’s also got the right attitude and works to serve the fans. Developers have a chance to talk directly to their fanbase. If you ever have the opportunity, go to PAX, you won’t regret it. 

List of Gaming Conventions

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Name Start Date End Date City State Country Description Website
Adepticon 2020 3/25/2019 9/29/2020 Schaumburg IL USA
Pax East 3/28/2019 03/31/2019 Boston MA USA PAX is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming.
VisionCon 5/1/2019 05/03/2019 Springfield MO USA For more than two decades, Visioncon has been the annual comic book, science fiction, fantasy, live action, role playing and gaming convention and is expecting 4,000 people to attend in 2017 at the Branson Convention Center.
Paizo Con 5/24/2019 05/28/2019 Seattle WA USA PaizoCon UK is the premier games convention for Pathfinder players in the UK and we welcome international visitors.
GAME Expo 5/29/2019 05/31/2019 Birmingham UK UK Games Expo is a tabletop gaming expo and Hobby Games Convention held annually at the NEC and the NEC Hilton Metropole Birmingham
BorderCon 6/8/2019 06/09/2019 Albury NSW Australia
ConBravo 6/26/2019 06/28/2019 Hamilton ON USA ConBravo! is a three-day festival celebrating the very best in independent creators. Whether you enjoy video, graphic novels, webcomics, gaming, or cosplay, ConBravo! is where you can celebrate your passion.
SaikouCon 8/2/2019 08/04/2019 Pocono PA USA SaikouCon is a three day, anime and cosplay convention located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.
CouleeCon 8/16/2019 08/18/2019 La Crosse WI USA Our convention is focused on building a supportive and inclusive community that brings gamers together. We feature a variety of gaming genres including board games, collectible card games, role-playing games, miniatures, live action role playing, video games, and puzzles.
GamesCon 8/20/2019 08/24/2019 Cologne Germany In 2019, gamescom what again the highlight for all gamers! Numerous events and congresses brought together gaming enthusiasts from all over the world.
GrandCon Gaming Convention 2019 8/30/2019 9/1/2019 Grand Rapids MI USA GrandCon is a family friendly board gaming convention. A place where you can shop exhibitors and artists, cosplay, play hobby games, attend seminars, participate in tournaments, and meet and mingle with industry guests. GrandCon welcomes all, and we invite you to Come Play with Us!
MetaCon 2019 8/30/2019 9/1/2019 Minneapolis MN USA MetaCon is a massive entertainment expo filled with exhibitors, guest stars, interactive events, costuming, exhibitors, artists, entertainers, and beyond. We bring together thousands of geeks for a three-day celebration of geek culture and nerd life.
Q-Con 2019 8/30/2019 9/1/2019 Belfast NI UK The Q-Con XXVI (26) Gaming and Anime Convention brings you the very best competitions, participation and spectator experience. Q-Con is back between Friday 30th August to Sunday 1st September 2019!
Gateway 2019 8/30/2019 9/2/2019 Los Angeles CA USA Gateway is coming, and we hope to see you there! Prepare your suitcase! Prepare your friends and family! Prepare yourself for four days of glorious gaming!
AnimeKon Expo 8/30/2019 9/1/2019 Bridgetown Barbados The Eastern Caribbean's BEST pop-culture convention and the ultimate Geekcation destination!
Pax West 8/30/2019 09/02/2019 Seattle WA USA PAX is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming.
OtakuFest 2019 8/31/2019 9/1/2019 Miami FL USA OtakuFest is a two day festival that celebrates the best in Geek/Nerd culture including Anime, Animation, Cosplay, Gaming, Comics, Music and more.
Warped Con 2019 8/31/2019 9/1/2019 Doncaster UK Warped Con is a large 4 floor, 20,000 sq foot event being held at Doncaster Race Course. We will be hosting cosplay, over 20 celebrities from TV & Film doing Q&A, autograph and photo ops, over 60 attractions, sets and large props and more than 100 trade outlets.
Badlands 8/31/2019 9/1/2019 Glendice MT USA Badlands D&D is a group of people who enjoy playing TableTop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) such as, but not limited to, Dungeons & Dragons. We started playing as a group of friends in 2014 and in 2016 we ran a booth at the Badlands SuperCon here in Glendive, MT. We hosted our first ever “Gathering of the Gamers” in 2017. We have been running an event every year now as well as other smaller events.
BGF 9/2/2019 09/08/2019 Columbus OH USA Buckeye Game Fest is central Ohio’s premier board gaming convention.  Best known for our open board gaming space, and featuring the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society‘s extensive game library,
Alcon 2019 9/6/2019 9/9/2019 Leicester UK Alcon, short for Animeleague Convention, is a fun anime and gaming convention that takes place in the UK.
HasCon 2019 9/6/2019 9/7/2019 Providence RI USA From fan favorites to family fun, grown ups and kids alike are invited to celebrate the power of play!
Sy-Con 2019 9/13/2019 9/14/2019 Syosset NY USA Sy-Con is Syosset Public Library's first popular culture convention!
Unplugged x Cosplay Matsuri 2019 9/13/2019 9/15/2019 Toronto ON Canada nplugged returns to Toronto to celebrate another season of Geek Culture, and its not alone, for the fist time ever Unplugged will be featuring the amazing cosplay event Cosplay Matsuri!
Albacon 2019 9/13/2019 9/15/2019 Albany NY USA Albacon is a gathering of fans and creators of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Games, Anime, Web Comics; pretty much anything Geek related.
SEMOcon 2019 9/13/2019 9/15/2019 Poplar Bluff MO USA SEMO Con is back for its Third year! Comics, Gaming, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Anime! We have it all!
Na meji nevidnega 2019 9/14/2019 9/16/2019 Ljubljana Slovenia Heroes, superheroes, sidekicks and villains, admirers of fantasy, comic artists, science fiction enthusiasts, muggles and others!
HyperCon 2019 9/14/2019 9/15/2019 Wichita Falls TX USA HyperCon is a Multi-Genre Convention covering Gaming, Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Vendors, Art and Music.
RocCon 2019 9/14/2019 9/15/2019 Rochester NY USA RocCon is Rochester's coolest, most fun event for everyone who enjoys any kind of comic book, novels and pop culture! A great day of fun for the family!
Ancient City Con 2019 9/20/2019 9/22/2019 St. Augustine FL USA Ancient City Con 2018 was a great success and we are hard at work planning the 2019 show with even more great guests, cosplayers, gaming, panels, and more!
Anime Sekai 2019 9/20/2019 9/22/2019 Abilene TX USA Anime Sekai is an Anime, Cosplay, Gaming, Comic, Japan-Culture Convention.
AppleCon Maine 2019 9/20/2019 9/22/2019 Cornish ME USA We are a family-friendly con with a focus on tabletop games related to Role Playing and adventure for all ages and experience levels.
CaperCon 2019 9/20/2019 9/22/2019 Sydney NS Canada In 2017 we registered as a nonprofit organization and became the CaperCon Pop Culture Society.
Comics Salón 2019 9/20/2019 9/22/2019 Ružinov Slovakia The convention focuses on Comics, Anime, Games, Japanese Culture, KPOP, Scifi, Fantasy and Horror.
Delta H Con 2019 9/20/2019 9/22/2019 Houston TX USA Delta H Con is a woman owned company based out of the Houston Area. Our members are folks that have been gamers or anime lovers for years.
Windsor ComiCon 2019 9/21/2019 9/22/2019 Windsor ON Canada Windsor ComiCon returns to CAESARS WINDSOR - Canada's largest casino and hotel resort. Prepare for an incredible Pop Culture event featuring entertainment and comic celebrities,
Comic Con Africa 2019 9/21/2019 9/22/2019 Midrand South Africa Comic Con Africa focuses on all elements of pop culture, including cosplay, comic books, anime, manga, other creatives, film & series, games (including video and esports) and books/authors.
Atlanti-Con 2019 9/27/2019 9/29/2019 Corner Brook NL Canada Atlanti-Con is a new genre convention happening in Corner Brook, Newfoundland with the aim of promoting science fiction / fantasy and all that entails as a fun and popular form of entertainment.
SiouxperCon 2019 9/27/2019 9/29/2019 Sioux Falls SD USA SiouxperCon is a fan convention that celebrates several mediums: comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, board games, and video gaming.
Coastal Comic Con 2019 9/28/2019 9/29/2019 Bournemouth UK Coastal Comic Con is a community driven celebration of pop culture, coming to Bournemouth in 2019. From comics to cosplay, gaming, film and television, there's something for everyone!
QuadCon Dubuque 2019 9/28/2019 9/28/2019 Dubuque IA USA Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.
Lil-Con 2019 9/28/2019 9/29/2019 North Tonawanda NY USA WE ARE GOING TO BE 2 DAYS OF FANDOM AWESOMENESS!!!
Phantasm 2019 9/28/2019 9/29/2019 Peterborough ON Canada Phantasm is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Convention in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
RetroWorld Expo 2019 9/28/2019 9/29/2019 Hartford CT USA Returning for it's 5th year, RWX is known for its massive marketplace, expansive gaming tournaments, free play arcade and gaming area, live video game music,Youtube - industry guests and panels.
Realms Con 2019 10/4/2019 10/6/2019 Corpus Christi TX USA Realms Con, South Texas' longest running family-friendly multimedia convention, welcomes fans of anime, comics, music, video games, and cinema every October for an amazing, unique weekend in a safe, fun, judgement-free environment.
TokenCon 2019 10/4/2019 10/6/2019 Oklahoma City OK USA TokenCon is Oklahoma's Board Game Convention! Now in our second year, you can expect more open play with over 500 games in our library, brand new releases on our hot tables, state tournaments, special guests, panel discussions, play-to-win games, lots of vendors, and more!
Bookstacks & Bossfights 2019 10/5/2019 10/6/2019 Turner ME USA Bookstacks & Bossfights is a non-profit fundraiser for the Turner Public Library taking place on October 5 & 6, 2019. We will have RPGs, board games, LARPS, anime, reenactment events, local authors and artists and more.
Name Your Game Expo 2019 10/5/2019 10/6/2019 Broken Arrow OK USA Name Your Game Expo aims to represent all players by being uniquely positioned at the intersection of tabletop, video, competitive, and free play gaming.
Nomikai Dallas 2019 10/5/2019 10/6/2019 Lewisville TX USA Nomikai Dallas is an experience unlike any other. Every aspect of the show is community planned. Every penny spent, every panel scheduled, each guest booked, and every ticket price is decided in public chats and group meetings. This is your vision come to life. Welcome to conventions 2.0.
Conapalooza 2019 10/11/2019 10/13/2019 Kingsport TN USA Comic Convention with Anime, Fantasy, Gaming, Horror, Sci-Fi, Toy, and Video Gaming programming
Flat Con 2019 10/11/2019 10/13/2019 Bloomington IL USA Located on the expansive flatlands that are Central Illinois. FlatCon has been Bloomington-Normal's premiere annual gaming convention since 2000.
Los Angeles Comic Con 2019 10/11/2019 10/13/2019 Los Angeles CA USA A confluence of comics, gaming, sci-fi, horror, pop culture, and that one obscure thing that you thought everyone had forgotten about; it's all here and that's what makes this community worth celebrating
PAX Australia 2019 10/11/2019 10/13/2019 Melbourne Victoria Australia PAX is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming.
Icon Festival 2019 10/15/2019 10/17/2019 Tel Aviv Israel The Icon Festival for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Role-Playing is an annual festival which takes place on October 15-17th for the 23rd time.
Tsunami Con 10/18/2019 10/20/2019 Wichita KS  USA Wichita's premiere tabletop gaming convention, presenting a variety of gaming opportunities
AVL Scarefest 10/18/2019 10/20/2019 Montreat NC USA D&D, Savage Worlds, Dread, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, and more.
Dulucon 2019 10/18/2019 10/19/2019 Duluth MN USA DuluCon believes anyone who likes to geek out on their focus of choice SHOULD be able to all party in one place.
QuadCon Peoria 2019 10/19/2019 10/21/2019 Peoria IL USA Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.
DerpyCon 2019 10/25/2019 10/27/2019 Morristown NJ USA DerpyCon is a small, fun convention of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, and beyond...
Hal-Con 2019 10/25/2019 10/27/2019 Halifax NS Canada Hal-Con is a sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention run completely by much-too-dedicated volunteers.
MegaMooseCon 2019 10/25/2019 10/27/2019 Richburg SC Canada MegaMooseCon is a tabletop gaming convention.
MEX Berlin 2019 10/25/2019 10/27/2019 Berlin Germany a whole weekend full of fun around manga, anime, korea and gaming in the exhibition halls under the Berlin radio tower.
Black Hills Con 2019 10/26/2019 10/27/2019 Rapid City SD USA Black Hills Con is a convention for pop culture, anime, sci-fi fans of all ages. All fandoms are welcome.
Epic ACG Fest 2019 10/26/2019 10/27/2019 Albany CA USA Epic ACG fest is a unique event showcase animation, comics and games.
Gamehole Con 10/31/2019 11/3/2019 Medison WI USA Gamehole Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest.
Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo - Adelaide 2019 11/1/2019 3/1/2019 Wayville Australia Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo has been the welcoming home of Australia's pop culture fandom since 2000; a place where fans inspired by imaginary worlds emanating from comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, nostalgia and literature have been able to come together to celebrate.
Acadecon 11/8/2019 11/10/2019 Dayton OH USA AcadeCon 2019 is the 7th annual tabletop convention hosted by The RPG Academy.
MACE 2019 11/8/2019 10/1/2019 Charlotte NC USA ACE (Mid Atlantic Convention Expo) is a table top gaming convention, once held in High Point, NC since 1997 and now held in Charlotte since 2012.
Philcon 2019 11/8/2019 10/1/2019 Cherry Hill NJ USA Join us for the 82nd anniversary of the world's first and longest-running conference on science fiction, fantasy, and horror!
The Long Con 2019 11/8/2019 10/1/2019 Longview LA USA We're the Longview based East Texas home of Role Playing Games (RPG).
QuadCon Burlington 2019 11/9/2019 11/10/2019 Burlington IA USA Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.
Conjustu 2019 11/16/2019 11/17/2019 Falls Church VA USA Conjustu is a anime, cartoon, comic book, manga, gaming, and multi-genre pop-culture convention. There will be a Mortal Kombat 11 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gaming competitions this year.
QuadCon Rockford 2019 11/17/2019 11/19/2019 Rockford IL USA Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.
UCon 11/22/2019 11/24/2019 Ypsilanti Township MI USA U-Con is an annual gaming convention founded in 1989. It attracts gamers not only from Southeast Michigan, but from across the United states
HeroFest 2019 11/22/2019 11/24/2019 Bern Switzerland HeroFest is the festival for esports, gaming, and fantasy. Covering everything from the biggest esports tournaments to cosplay contests, HeroFest is home to video games, artists, cosplayers, board games, drone enthusiasts and more.
U-Con 2019 11/22/2019 11/24/2019 Ypsilanti MI USA U-Con is an annual gaming convention founded in 1989, attracting gamers from the Midwest and Canada. U-Con offers high-quality events across the spectrum of gaming in a comfortable, functional space.
Pax Unplugged 12/06/2019 12/08/2019 Philadelphia PA USA PAX Unplugged will be an exciting analog-focused extension of our already existing portfolio of PAX events.
Magfest 01/02/2020 01/05/2020 National Harbor MD USA Short for "Music And Gaming Festival," MAGFest is a four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community.
Pax South 01/17/2020 01/20/2020 San Antonio TX USA PAX is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming.
CanCon 01/25/2020 01/27/2020 Canberra ACT Australia
Dundracon 02/14/2020 02/17/2020 San Ramon CA USA The West Coast's Premier Game Convention
Milwaukee Anime Con 02/14/2020 02/16/2020 Milwaukee WI USA Anime Milwaukee (AMKE) is a three day anime convention that operates at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center and Wisconsin Convention Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Dexcon 2/20/2020 2/23/2020 Morrison NJ USA DEXCON is a five-day gaming convention, held annually every July in Morristown, New Jersey, run by Double Exposure, Inc.
Planet Comicon 03/20/2020 03/22/2020 Kansas City MO USA Planet Comicon Kansas City is the region's largest pop culture and comic book event
ZenkaiCon 03/20/2020 03/22/2020 Lancaster PA USA Zenkaikon is a multi-genre convention held during spring at the Lancaster County Convention Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Lexicon 04/05/2020 04/07/2020 Lexington KY USA Boardgaming and RPG Convention
SakuraCon 04/10/2020 04/12/2020 Seattle WA USA Sakura-Con is an annual three-day anime convention held during March or April at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington.
Kobold Con 04/26/2020 04/28/2020 Colorado Springs CO USA KoboldCon is a Tabletop Gaming Convention held annually in Colorado Springs, Colorado!
ACen 05/15/2020 05/17/2020 Rosemont IL USA Anime Central (ACen) is the largest anime, manga and Japanese popular culture convention in Chicago and the Midwest.
KublaCon 05/21/2020 05/25/2020 Burlingame CA USA KublaCon is dedicated to bringing people together from all walks of life to have communion and fellowship in the hobby of gaming.
Momocon 05/21/2020 05/24/2020 Atlanta GA USA MomoCon is a fan convention held in March or May in Atlanta, Georgia.
Noth Texas RPG Con 06/03/2020 06/08/2020 Irving TX USA The NTRPG Con focuses on old-school Dungeons & Dragons gaming (OD&D, 1E, 2E, or Basic/Expert) as well as any pre-1999 type of RPG produced by the classic gaming companies of the 70s and 80s
Origins 06/17/2020 06/21/2020 Columbus OH USA Origins Game Fair is in an annual tabletop gaming convention held in Columbus, OH.
RageCon 06/26/2020 06/29/2020 Reno NV USA The best three days of tabletop gaming in Northern Nevada!
Soonercon 06/26/2020 06/28/2020 Norman OK USA SoonerCon is a fan-run multi-genre convention held annually in Central Oklahoma
Otakon 07/31/2020 08/02/2020 Washington DC USA Otakon is an annual three-day anime convention held during July/August.
Gamicon 09/15/2020 09/17/2020 New Orleans LA USA A Gamification Conference That's Actually Gamified
ConnCon 09/27/2020 09/29/2020 Stamford CT USA Tabletop gaming conventions for over 30 years.
CinCityCon 10/11/2020 10/13/2020 Sharonville OH USA Boardgame and RPG Convention​​
Bristol Anime And Gaming Con 2/11/2019 3/11/2019 Bristol UK Bristol Anime And Gaming Con will feature anime, comic & game show, sci-fi, cosplay contest, gaming tournaments, Talks and more with dozens of activities including the Cosplay Masquerade, Talent Show, Otaku Quiz & much more.
Durham Video Game Convention 2019 3/11/2019 3/11/2019 Oshawa ON Canada A family friendly event featuring vendors and dealers from across central Ontario selling, buying, and trading all facets of video game culture including games, systems, accessories, and memorabilia!
SHUX 2019 4/10/2019 6/10/2019 Vancouver  Canada SHUX (The Shut Up & Sit Down Board Game Convention) returns Oct. 4-6 with the very best of board games and board game culture! Stage shows, massive social games, special events, over 50 publishers, 1,000+ Title Game Library, and more open gaming than any other show in Canada make these 3 days you’ll never forget.
sheffieldanimecon 5/10/2019 6/10/2019 Sheffield UK Featuring the latest games to check out from a variety of developers. 
Alcon 2019 6/9/2019 8/9/2019 Leicester UK Alcon, short for Animeleague Convention, is a fun anime and gaming convention that takes place in the UK.
DreamHack Montreal 2019 6/9/2019 8/9/2019 Montreal QC Canada We have introduced more content than you have always enjoyed in our events and more. Invite teams of esports, indie developers, students, musicians, artisans, filmmakers and more, it's a condensed way of life in a crazy weekend.
Leicester Anime & Gaming Con 6/9/2019 6/9/2019 Leicester UK As well as our stage content, there will be A LOT to do! This includes contests, karaoke, anime screenings, live bands, video gaming, card gaming, board gaming, parties, anime, comic and gaming dealer stalls and so much more!
Sword and Brush 2019 7/9/2019 8/9/2019 Burlington ON Canada Join us for two days of wargaming tournaments and casual gaming, as well as Canada’s premier miniature and figure painting expo!
Game-iToba 8/11/2019 10/11/2019 Winnipeg Canada Game-iToba is a non-profit organization and will aim to support the gaming community, local game developers, local stores, and local conventions by providing and demonstrating board games, card games, roleplaying games and miniature games.
Toronto Toy & Video Game Show 8/12/2019 8/12/2019 Toronto Canada
Toronto Toy & Video Game Show features Batman, Barbie, Dinky, GI Joe, He-Man, Hot Wheels, Lego, Matchbox, Pokemon, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, Transformers, WWE, Yu-Gi-Oh and much more.
Women in Games European Conference 2019 11/9/2019 11/9/2019 London UK Women in Games is a ‘not for profit’ organisation founded in 2009. Everything we do is in service of achieving full and lasting equality for all women throughout the game industries and beyond.
VCON Science Fiction, Fantasy & Games Convention 11/10/2019 10/13/2019 Richmond Canada VCON is the oldest volunteer-run general-interest science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention in Canada and the Pacific Northwest.
Metrotham Con 2020 1/5/2020 3/5/2020 Chattanooga TN USA Metrotham Con Episode 2 "Oh the Horror" is coming May 1st-3rd 2020 at the Chattanooga Convention Center in Chattanooga, TN!
Romics 2020 2/4/2020 5/4/2020 Rome Italy
Portsmouth Comic Con 2020 2/5/2020 3/5/2020 Portsmouth UK Portsmouth Comic Con - International Festival of Comics brings you the best of comic, film, TV and pop culture entertainment in what is set to be the largest event of its kind in the South of England!
Archon 2020 2/10/2020 4/10/2020 Collinsville IL USA Archon, an internationally known, highly regarded and well attended science fiction and fantasy convention.
Havoc 2020 3/4/2020 5/4/2020 Shrewsbury MA USA Havoc is the premier miniatures convention of the Northeast and has run continuously for 35 years.
Mizuumi-Con 2020 4/4/2020 4/4/2020 San Antonio TX USA Mizuumi Con is a one day anime and Japanese culture event here in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2007, our team has been dedicated to bringing otaku culture to the Alamo City!
German Comic Con Dortmund Spring 2020 4/4/2020 5/4/2020 Dortmund Germany Let's celebrate the comic and superhero fandom and make the GERMAN COMIC CON something special together! Join us and look forward to a full program: action and entertainment with the stars on stage, panels, photo shoots and autograph sessions. A big cosplay-contest, comics, mangas, animes, draftsmen, voice actors, photo-points, workshops, games, lots of fan groups, merchandise as far as the eye can see and much more.
Manchester Anime & Gaming Con 4/4/2020 5/4/2020 Manchester UK Manchester Anime & Gaming Con will have some of the most renowned cosplayers in the UK guest-starring at this year’s event. They will provide talks and workshops throughout the day.
San Japan 2020 4/9/2020 6/9/2020 San Antonio TX USA San Japan is San Antonio's largest anime convention.
Supernatural Official Convention 2020 5/6/2020 7/6/2020 Rosemont IL USA We love being in the Chicago area where the SPN conventions began and we'll be back in 2020 to celebrate with our fellow Supernatural fans who are all so passionate about the show and its stars.
FrankfortCon 2020 5/12/2020 5/12/2020 Frankfort KY USA The FrankfortCon strives to be Kentucky's best and truest comic con featuring fandoms of multiple genres.
Bak-Anime 2020 6/6/2020 7/6/2020 Bakersfield CA USA Bakersfield's own anime convention! The best deals on anime, figures, toys, and much much more. Cosplay contest, guests, gaming rooms, come see what Bakersfield fandom is all about!
Con Kasterborous 2020 6/6/2020 7/6/2020 Huntsville AL USA Con Kasterborous is Alabama's premiere Doctor Who convention.
BistoCon 2020 6/8/2020 9/8/2020 Romulus MI USA BistoCon is a slash con for fans of the Professionals held every two years in Romulus, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2020 7/5/2020 11/5/2020 Atlanta GA USA Furry Weekend Atlanta is a convention that takes place in downtown Atlanta, at the Marriott Marquis. We welcome everyone interested in their furry side; fursuits are not required! Bring your favorite cosplay and add a furry twist by picking up some ears and tails in our Dealers Den!
Fan Expo Boston 2020 7/8/2020 9/8/2020 Boston MA USA From Comics, Graphic novels, Anime, Manga, Sci-fi and Fantasy to Cosplay, Horror, Gaming, Toys, Movies and Television - FAN EXPO Boston, presented by BOSTON COMIC CON celebrates pop-culture fandom.
Discworld Convention 2020 7/8/2020 10/8/2020 Birmingham UK The Discworld Convention is a gathering of fans of Sir Terry Pratchett and his Discworld. It usually happens in the UK once every two years. This is an event organised by fans, for fans.
Cardiff Anime And Gaming Con 8/2/2020 9/2/2020 Cardiff UK Cardiff Anime And Gaming Con features Exhibitors, Performers, TCGing, Game Tournaments, Talks and many activities including the Cosplay Contests, Smash and League of Legends, Talent Show, Parties & more. It bring together anime fans, gamers, comic fans & cosplayers.
Auríferra Republic 2020 8/5/2020 9/5/2020 San Francisco CA USA  An endeavor built on the labors of a dedicated cadre of affluent gentlefolk and humble, hard-working citizens alike, we are dedicated to bringing the unique artistic and technological innovation of California to the forefront of this modern age.
Anime Frontier 2020 8/5/2020 10/5/2020 Fort Worth TX USA Set in Fort Worth, TX, a city that blends cosmopolitan energy and cowboy culture, Anime Frontier brings together the best of the US and Japan for a showcase of what's next in Japanese entertainment.
FurryPinas 2020 9/5/2020 10/5/2020 Pasig Metro Manila Philippines Being the largest furry convention in Asia and the 13th largest in the world, FurryPinas is the official and only furry convention in the Philippines with the vision of serving as the annual hub for the furry hobby.
Anime Boston 2020 10/4/2020 12/4/2020 Boston MA USA Anime Boston is a three-day convention held annually in Boston, Massachusetts, USA under the supervision of the New England Anime Society. Our focus is to celebrate and promote Japanese animation, comics, and pop-culture.
Sakura-Con 2020 10/4/2020 12/4/2020 Seattle WA USA Presented by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association, Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest.
Fauntastic 2020 10/4/2020 04/13/2020 Saint-Priest France 2nd edition of your Friendly Furry Convention in Lyon, France
QuadCon Davenport 2020 11/4/2020 11/4/2020 Davenport IA USA Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci-fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.
Utopia 2020 12/6/2020 06/14/2020 Wyboston Bedford UK Utopia 2020 continues the tradition of presenting a three day programme packed with activities, featuring much-loved celebrity guests, behind-the-scenes heroes, first time appearances, reunions and much more from all the wide and wonderous worlds of Doctor Who.
London Anime & Gaming Con 02/14/2020 02/16/2020 London UK London Anime & Gaming Con conference Featuring the latest games to check out from a variety of developers.
Concord Gaming Convention 2020 02/29/2020 02/29/2020 Bristol UK We are back once again, another year another Con! Once again, the market is bigger, and we have more exhibitors and demos lined up. More RPG's than you can shake a D20 at, and more in the way of organised social events for those who want an opportunity to meet new friends to game with, as well as just getting on with the gaming.
Fan Expo Dallas 2020 03/27/2020 03/29/2020 Dallas TX USA FAN EXPO Dallas is the largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event in Texas, quickly growing into one of the largest events in North America.
Shine Con 2020 03/27/2020 03/29/2020 Las Vegas NV USA We're an annual convention located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're focused on bringing the community the best anime and video game entertainment we can!
8-Bit Block Party 2020 03/28/2020 03/28/2020 San Antonio TX USA 8-Bit Block Party is a fandom friendly event that encompasses video gaming, comics and fantasy all rolled into one big celebration of pop culture.
Austria Comic Con 2020 03/28/2020 03/29/2020 Wels Austria Upper Austria's biggest pop culture event will be making a guest appearance again in the Wels exhibition in 2020.
MegaCon Orlando 2020 04/16/2020 04/19/2020 Orlando FL USA MEGACON Orlando is the South East's largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event, attracting over 100,000 fans each year across four big days.
Supernatural Official Convention 2020 04/17/2020 04/20/2020 Nashville TN USA Supernatural's unprecedented success as the longest-running genre TV show in North America is nothing short of amazing.
QuadCon Peoria 2020 04/18/2020 04/18/2020 Peoria IL USA Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci-fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more.
Tiger Con 2020 04/18/2020 04/19/2020 Valdosta GA USA Tiger Con is an anime, gaming, cosplay and comic convention which will be held in Valdosta, Georgia on the weekend of April 18-19, 2020.
Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2020 04/23/2020 04/26/2020 Calgary AB Canada The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo provides a place for fans from every corner of the nerd universe to gather and celebrate what makes them geeky in a positive, safe, and elevating environment - science fiction, comic books, film, television, horror, fantasy, animation, pop culture, and so much more!
Anime Central 2020 05/15/2020 05/17/2020 Rosemont IL USA Anime Central (ACen) is the largest anime, manga and Japanese popular culture convention in Chicago and the Midwest. ACen happens once a year in the Spring (around April or May) less than 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, in Rosemont, IL.
Burning Cat 2020 05/16/2020 05/17/2020 Portland OR USA This is a place to observe and/or participate in games, comedy, and creativity. This is a place for tabletop gamers, card game players, casual party game players, families who love games, game makers, or anyone who ever hosted a game night.
Cottage Country Comic-Con 2020 05/17/2020 05/17/2020 Orillia ON Canada Cottage Country Comic-Con strives to be Ontario's best and truest comic con featuring fandoms of multiple genres.
AniMinneapolis 2020 05/22/2020 05/24/2020 Minneapolis MN USA AniMinneapolis provides you with a safe, exciting, fun place to make friends with people who share the same interests, as you participate in your choice of hundreds of different events.
Thy Geekdom Con 2020 05/22/2020 05/24/2020 Oaks PA USA Thy Geekdom Con is back for our seventh con! We will be back at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Once again in Hall A!
Shoudaku Con 2020 05/23/2020 05/25/2020 Dallas TX USA Anime, gaming, cosplay, J-Fashion, and positive community influence.
Pop Culture Convention 2020 05/29/2020 05/30/2020 Provo UT USA Pop Culture Convention is a chance for the Utah Valley (and other areas) to come together to celebrate pop culture, anime, games, cosplay and more!
Seaquestria Fest 2020 05/29/2020 05/31/2020 Ocean City MD USA As the show, My Little Pony:Friendship is magic, comes to an end, along with several conventions, the fandom will still stay strong.
Digital Kids Show 05/29/2020 05/31/2020 Birmingham UK UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK. A fun event appealing to families and the general public as well as the enthusiast.
Heroes Convention 2020 06/19/2020 06/21/2020 Charlotte NC USA HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Charlotte's Heroes Aren't Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors.
International Fan Festival Toronto 2020 06/19/2020 06/21/2020 Toronto ON Canada With a deep appreciation of anime, music, comics, gaming, and novels, we'd like to make our mark in Canada's largest city, Toronto.
PortConMaine 2020 06/25/2020 06/28/2020 South Portland ME USA Anime Convention with Comics, Fantasy, Furry, Gaming, Sci-Fi, and Video Gaming programming
Anime Festival Wichita 2020 06/26/2020 06/28/2020 Wichita KS USA Anime Festival Wichita started in 2005 and has been going strong and getting bigger every year since.
Supernatural Official Convention 2020 06/26/2020 06/28/2020 Burlingame CA USA We are truly indebted to the amazing SPN family of celebrities and fans for making our Supernatural conventions throughout the years such incredible experiences - and we're super excited to be returning to the gorgeous San Francisco Bay area.
Okashicon 2020 07/17/2020 07/19/2020 Pflugerville TX USA A Japanese Cultural event where all fandoms collide. This event is for everyone to enjoy their fandoms and have fun together.
Cosplay And Photography Expo 2020 07/18/2020 07/19/2020 Mansfield MA USA Nerd Caliber presents a celebration of learning, teaching and experiencing the art of costuming and photography.
Hazard Con 2020 07/24/2020 07/26/2020 Erie PA USA Hazard Con is a pop-culture convention, with a focus on anime, manga, video games, and comics.
MechaCon 2020 07/24/2020 07/26/2020 New Orleans LA USA MechaCon was conceived as a revolutionary Anime convention experience, utilizing a unique three-fold approach focusing on Japanese animation, Japanese culture, and Transformers.
World Boardgaming Championships 2020 07/25/2020 2/8/2020 Champion PA USA The BPA's largest event is the annual World Boardgaming Championships® (WBC) where about 2,000 people from around the world compete to be named champion of their favorite games.
Gen Con 2020 07/30/2020 2/8/2020 Indianapolis IN USA Founded in 1968, Gen Con hosts the largest consumer hobby, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure game convention in North America.
AnimeIowa 2020 07/31/2020 2/8/2020 Coralville IA USA AnimeIowa is the largest anime convention in Iowa and still growing, hosting well over 3000 attendees each year. It is held once a year in July Friday through Sunday.
Avalon Expo 2020 07/31/2020 2/8/2020 St. John's NL Canada Newfoundland's summer fan convention. Fun, friendship, and all things geek.
Camp Tiny Paws 2020 08/14/2020 08/16/2020 Danbury CT USA All-ages fundraising event with a large Dealers' Den, crafting room, tabletop gaming, plus panels and other social events.
Supernatural Official Convention 2020 08/21/2020 08/23/2020 Aurora CO USA Creation is excited to be returning to the Denver area for the Official Supernatural Convention to salute the series with the stars and our wonderful SPN family!
Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2020 08/27/2020 08/30/2020 Anaheim CA USA Celebration is the place for Star Wars fans to gather with their global community, make memories with friends old and new, and revel in the past, present and future of the greatest galactic saga ever told.
Unplugged x Cosplay Matsuri 2019 09/13/2019 09/14/2019 Toronto ON Canada After an extended break Unplugged Expo returns for its 6th year! Unplugged returns to Toronto to celebrate another season of Geek Culture, and its not alone, for the fist time ever Unplugged will be featuring the amazing cosplay event Cosplay Matsuri!
Animeio.Kon 2020 09/13/2020 09/13/2020 Livonia MI USA Animeio.Kon is a small, mixed-media convention started by three friends who love nerd and anime culture and wanted to give others a chance to have fun at a small, local event.
UnConventional Gaming Convention 2019 09/14/2019 09/14/2019 Peterborough ON Canada The second annual UnConventional Gaming Convention promises to be a welcoming environment for people of all ages and abilities to play games of all kinds
Retro Game Fair 09/15/2019 09/15/2019 Leeds UK
Retro Game Fair will be covering every video game and home computer format since the beginning of video games and computing. Relive those classic games, upgrade your collection and discover new old items that you missed first time round, whether it be games, consoles, accessories or gaming merchandise this is the event for all collectors and video game fan.
YCC Cosplay Ball 2019 09/22/2019 09/22/2019 Sheffield UK This social event open to all ages to attend and we have a variety of activities to keep you and your friends well entertained. Including ballroom dancing to all your favourite tunes, party games and to finding out who will be crowned King and Queen of the YCC Cosplay Ball 2019?
ProtoTO 2019: Toronto’s tabletop game design convention 09/27/2019 09/27/2019 Toronto Canada ProtoTO is Toronto's tabletop game design convention.
proto T.O. 09/27/2019 09/29/2019 Toronto ON Canada ProtoTO is Toronto’s tabletop game design convention. This annual, weekend-long event offers new and established designers of card, board and role-playing games a chance to playtest their designs at an accelerated pace.
FallCon 32 09/27/2019 09/29/2019 Calgary Canada FallCon is an annual three day Board Game and Miniature Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. FallCon is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers, united in their passion for tabletop gaming & miniatures.
TwitchCon San Diego 2019 09/27/2019 09/29/2019 San Diego CA USA TwitchCon is everything you love about Twitch crammed into one ridiculously awesome weekend. Join thousands of Twitch streamers and fans to play some games, learn how to improve your stream, watch live esports, and much, much more.
Tabletop Gaming Live 09/28/2019 09/29/2019 London UK Calling lovers of all things gaming! After a successful 2018 launch, Tabletop Gaming Live returns for a 2019 convention.
Tabletop Gaming Live 2019! 09/28/2019 09/29/2019 London UK You’ll be able to partake in demos, be the first to see sneak peeks, check out Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars and more. What other wonders will you behold? You’ll have to wait until closer to the event to find out.
Full Indie Summit 2019 09/28/2019 09/28/2019 Vancouver  Canada The Full Indie Summit is an annual conference that attracts more than 650 creators each year to Vancouver, BC, Canada for a day of presentations and conversations about making games.
Phantasm 2019 09/28/2019 09/29/2019 Peterborough ON Canada Phantasm is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Convention in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
GamePad 2019: Autumn GamerFest! 09/29/2019 09/29/2019 London UK GamePad is a social gaming event promoting community and inclusion through video games and other all-ages activities, making gaming fun for everyone!
globalgamingexpo 10/15/2019 10/17/2019 Las Vegas NV USA Set yourself up for success at Global Gaming Expo (G2E)—the largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in North America.
EGX 2019 10/17/2020 10/20/2020 London UK It's only the UK's biggest video games event! Come along and you'll find the most anticipated console and PC games, all playable weeks or months before they're released.
Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 10/18/2019 10/20/2019 Toronto Canada EGLX is a celebration of all things gaming. What started out as a small get-together has grown into Canada's largest video game event. Look forward to exciting displays from your favourite game developers, an expanded kids zone with plenty of games for the younger set and massive stages for amazing esports events such as Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Canada Nationals and EGLX's Rising Stars series.
EGLX 2019 10/18/2019 10/20/2019 Toronto Canada EGLX is a celebration of all things gaming. What started out as a small get-together has grown into Canada's largest video game event. Look forward to exciting displays from your favourite game developers, an expanded kids zone with plenty of games for the younger set and massive stages for amazing esports events such as Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege Canada Nationals and EGLX's Rising Stars series.
RPG ALLIANCE CONVENTION 2019 10/20/2019 10/20/2019 Calgary Canada One Day and 20+ Games, including our own members, Brent (running Star Trek), Trevor (running Dungeon Classic Crawls) and Terry (Running D&D 5E & Star Wars)! Loads of Door Prizes, Special Jenesis Dice for the first 50 players.
Game Dev Atlantic (GDA) 2019 10/24/2019 10/24/2019 Halifax Canada A first for Nova Scotia, a game development conference designed for the industry members. This conference will feature sessions and presentations on a variety of game development topics.
Mcm London Comic Con 10/25/2019 10/27/2019 London UK Mcm London Comic Con provides the attendees with major attractions such as gaming, comic village, cosplay, retail, creatorscape, fringe festival, TV & film, author corner, kids zone, Popasia, and much more.
Hal-Con 2019 10/25/2019 10/27/2019 Halifax NS Canada Hal-Con is a sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention run completely by much-too-dedicated volunteers.
DerpyCon 2020 10/30/2020 1/11/2020 New Brunswick NJ USA DerpyCon is a small, fun convention of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, gaming, and beyond. The weekend event will have panels, LARPs, concerts, video gaming, cosplay, vendors, dances, table-top gaming, AMVs, and more!
The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise 2020 12/13/2020 12/22/2020 Miami FL USA Join us for our NEXT voyage, sailing for 9 fun filled nights from 13-22 December 2019, round trip from Miami with port calls at Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao in the Dutch East Indies, plus an amazing beach day at the cruise line's own private resort destination of Labadee Shores, aboard Royal Caribbean Line's amazing Explorer Of The Seas.
Spiel Essen 22OCT20 25OCT20 Messe Essen Germany SPIEL in Essen means: Four days of fun, meeting friends, playing and testing thousands of games and novelties together with gamers from all over the world. Make up your own mind about the quality of the international gaming market and feel free to buy your favourite ones!


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