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Confusion 5e

Confusion 5e

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 Confusion 5e

Confused about confusion? We'll clear the cobwebs for you here.

What is Confusion 5e in D&D and how does it work

Confusion 5e is a mind-affecting spell that creates a chaotic environment of mental energy. It is a 4th level spell, and is on page 224 of the Players Handbook (PHB). By default, the confusion spell is available to bards, druids, sorcerers, and wizards.

Any creatures within the area must make a Wisdom saving throw or become confused for the duration of the spell. The difficulty of this save is While confused, a creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks, and can't take reactions. There is nothing specifically in the rules that states you lose concentration. Since it doesn't specifically state it, then the more specific rule takes effect, meaning that you don't lose concentration specifically from this spell.

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Does 5e confusion effect concentration?

When a creature is confused, it becomes muddled and uncertain, making concentration difficult to maintain. The 5e confusion effect lasts for 10 rounds (one minute), which is typically an entire combat session. While the creature is confused, it must make a roll on a chart to determine what it can do each round.

Can I upcast confusion?

Yes. For every additional level spell slot you use the radius increases by 5 feet. This is *really* powerful, the spell is centered on a point with a 10 foot radius sphere, an additional 5 feet, or two standard squares on a battle map in every direction is pretty powerful. Sure, it's no power word kill, but an affected creature is 80% likely to be consumed by their delusions and are basically not doing anything but standing still or running in a random direction. If cast on a clustered group this can change the tide of battle. So, if you've got the slots and you think they won't pass their saving throw, it's probably worth that 5th level upcast if you have the slots and are playing at higher levels.

Does combat damage end confusion?

Ah, the age-old question: does combat damage end confusion? The answer, my friends, is a resounding maybe. Again, the specific rule of it not being stated would take over. While there is no official ruling on the matter in the spell description, many experts believe that combat damage may indeed be enough to snap someone out of their confused state. After all, being hit by a giant sword or blasted by a fireball is pretty darn distracting. Given that you get a confused character gets a save at the end of every round, we'd tend to agree that combat damage doesn't end this.

How do I determine a "randomly determined creature"?

One of the states causes the affected target to make a melee attack against a randomly determined creature. Well, we tend to use dice based on the number of creatures around. If there's only two, to make it extra spicy, we use odds for one creature and even for another.


How do I determine a random direction?

This is spelled out in the spell description, and required you to use a d8 and use the number showing on the die face for the direction the confused character will go.

Does confusion cause the charmed condition?

The spell description does not state that you are charmed, and "confused" is not a condition in the PHB. As such, we'd state that you're

What are the components of confusion?

According to the PHB, the material components are just three nut shells, which is..interesting. Are they intimating that you go nuts? There are also verbal (v)and somatic (s) for this spell. Because it does have all three, v s m, it may be hard to get off stealthily. 

How long does confusion take to cast?

Confusion spell dnd has a casting time of one action, that translates to six seconds.


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