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  • Ted Cory

    Chief Adventurer

    Ted's an old Army vet who has been playing role playing games since 1992. While he really likes his half orc barbarian, he's growing fond of his gnome moon druid.




    "Absolutely Amazed I purchased the Dwarven Chest with Copper Color Metal Dice as a Christmas gift after my previous order from another site failed. I ordered at around 10:00 at night and the dice were shipped by 11:00 in the morning. They arrived in the same week. I am extremely impressed with the email and customer service. The chest and dice themselves are excellent and well made. The dice are a nice weight and roll well. Overall, I am absolutely amazed with this company and recommend them to all D&D players." - Juliana F.

    Juliana F.

    "...They are a group of vikings. Simple as that. The e-mails that I had back and forth with them always felt like epic Nordic sagas. Like, I wasn't just talking with "some guy from a dice company.""

    Polar Bear from TableTop Gaming News

    "Verily, A Shopping Experience Of Exquisite Ease. I'm never sure who reads these reviews, but obviously the answer is "You" and you're wondering what it's like to do business with Skullsplitter. Well. It's as easy as it gets. There's a website, you put things in the shopping cart, you check out, money leaves your account. So far: pretty average. But then the emails embroil you in a fictional story that you didn't see coming. Wait, why is this confirmation email treating me like a D&D hero? I thought I was just shopping? Nope. A delightful peek into a fantasy world comes free, my friend. And, you know, fulfillment is quick, everything arrives well protected for transit. No complaints. Shop with an easy heart, reader of online reviews."

    Michael V.


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