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Magic Item Guide
This magic item list for D&D 5e includes a list of all the magic items 5e that any dungeon master or player would want. It allows for easy filtering by type and magical properties, including magic weapon (sword, mace, etc) , attunement, potion, weapon, wand, rod, staff, armor, shield, robe, cloak, attunement requirement, type by rarity (including wondrous) , sentient magic item, consumables (like a spell scroll, potion, or oil), stat buffed, damage type, spellcasting ability buffed, stat buffed, damage type. We're considering adding additional filters to this dnd items lisst, like resistance gained or bonus to attack roll in the future. Making a complete list of DND Magic Items with details isn't allowable, but while we cant include details on non OGL items, it does have all items in the Dungeon Master's Guide, and includes links to the source book for any official magic item in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. If it's a 5e magic item, we've got it here.

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