Bard Dice Styles

Shop the Best Bard Dice Styles.  Barbarians are uncivilized, uncouth, and anger very easily. But while they don’t fit in with civilized society, they are great allies to have in a fight. 

Are you a songbird? A storyteller? Do you relish the opportunity to share your party’s heroic adventures with patrons at the inn or tavern you’ve found on your journey? If so, you might just be a bard at heart. Bards are the tale weavers, the minstrels of the world.

But, bards are also much more than that when it comes to protecting and aiding their fellow adventurers. Their songs double as spells that aid friends and afflict foes. If you like to control the speed of a fight, bolstering your allies’ strength and debuffing enemies to crush them more easily, then this class is for you. Want to learn more about Bards? Read our Ultimate Bard's Guide for DnD 5e!