Metal Dice - Whispers Of The Void | Shiny Black Nickel With Purple Numbers Metal Dice (7 Die In Pack)
$ 27.99

Whispers of the Void | Shiny Black Nickel with Purple Numbers Metal Dice (7 Die in Pack)

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These are perfect for any RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Savage Worlds, Math Games or anything else you can think of!

  • Set of 7 Metallic Polyhedral Role Playing Game Dice- Whispers of the Void | Shiny Black Nickel with Purple Numbering.
  • Each Die-Cast made dice set is solid and heavy ensuring years of use.
  • Quality Inspected: every die is inspected by hand before being packaged so that you only get the best.
  • This set contains one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, one d6, and one d4. 
  • All numbers are engraved and numbers are large for easy reading. Number 6's and 9's are clearly marked!


"We found them in that place. We thought they were unique. Special. So we took them. The Dwarf, Korvir, said he wanted nothing to do with them. That they left him uneasy, that he heard strange things when he was near them. The Elf kept them. She always took first watch. Muttering to them while we were asleep. We traded watch a few times in the night. I was last. As the sun rose I saw her tapping her fingers in her sleep. She said she was tapping to the rhythm of some strange signal...some...whisper.

And now I hear it too."