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Orange Translucent Color - Set 7 Polyhedral RPG Dice with White Numbers

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You'll love adventuring with our dice set; they are perfect for characters who have an affinity to the color orange.

They will remind you of that time you spilled Tang everywhere and they all laughed at you. Good thing that's a private memory and you haven't shared with anyone. 

Seriously, what are we supposed to say here? Not a lot to tie into orange; we'll give a free set to the first person (just pay shipping) who gives us a recommendation here that we use. Because you've read this far and obviously you think these dice are swell. 

  • This set contains one d4, one d6, one d8, one d10, one d%, one d12, and one d20 in a orange translucent color with white numbers
  • These dice can used for Role Playing Games, Math Games or anything else you can think of.
  • Large easy to read numbers with bright white numbers
  • 6's and 9's are clearly marked