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Astral Sliver™️ - Purple with Foil Inclusions and Gold Numbers Dice Set

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Includes an 11-piece polyhedral dice set (d4, 4 x d6,  d8, d12, d%, d10, and  2 x d20) in standard size used to play your favorite tabletop or roleplaying games and RPGs.

These dice are purple with foil inclusions and shimmer glitter that create a magical appearance in the light and feature our SkullSplitter Double Axe Logo on the 20 positions of the D20s.

These dice sets have foil inclusions and some will have more clumps than others since these aren’t hand made.

The astral plane is vast, but it is not a gentle place. Great shards of space and matter fold in on themselves endlessly within the void. Such collisions leave pieces, slivers of the astral plane that rain down on the material plane like meteor showers. Gems cut from these fallen stars contain the violets and blues of the nebulas and the pinpoint lights of the astral plane itself. Space and time warp slowly around these mythical amethysts, so many of their owners have disappeared that most believe they never existed at all.