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Dice and Deck Cases for RPGs and CCGs

Dice and Deck Cases for RPGs and CCGs

Our RPG/tabletop dice boxes are perfect for storing or holding your dice between games, and getting into the spirit of things while playing. Our large metal RPG dice cases feature enough room for 12 dice, plus a deck of cards (spell cards!) and two small storage areas for other dice, smaller minis, or status tokens.

Our small tabletop or RPG game dice boxes are perfect for fitting right into your pocket and hold a standard set of 7.

These metal RPG dice and card deck cases also great for magic, and include room for life counters, a deck, and other tokens. Want an amazing case to store your dice or magic deck? Then you'll love our amazing cases! They make great tabletop or RPG game gifts!

Feel like taking a huge chance and drawing from a deck that could ruin the whole campaign? Check out the infamous magic item: Deck of Many Things in 5e

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