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Frosted Efreet's Eye™️ - Red with Foil Inclusions and Gold Numbers Dice Set

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Includes an 11-piece polyhedral dice set (d4, 4 x d6,  d8, d12, d%, d10, and  2 x d20) in standard size used to play your favorite tabletop or roleplaying games and RPGs.

These dice are frosted/matte red with foil inclusions and shimmer glitter that create a magical appearance in the light and feature our SkullSplitter Double Axe Logo on the 20 positions of the D20s.

These dice sets have foil inclusions and some will have more clumps than others since these aren’t handmade.

The young warrior gleamed with confidence, a darkened deed complete, without a shred of fear she stood, so confident and proud. The mighty efreet leered through shining eyes, she’d seen through every cheat, he stood up from his flaming throne and deeply laughed aloud. “What is your wish?” The genie asked, so sure that he could twist, the meaning of her wishes into terrors to endure. “My wish is simple sir.” The dancer sang, “But I’m afraid I must insist, I long to catch your eye great sir, to keep and to secure. “Granted” laughed the genie, though to his horror he did find, his eye had now been torn away, his ironic wish reversed. The dancer held a shining ruby, the genie found himself half-blind, she strode away far richer then, as he flailed about and cursed.