Valentines Day Red and White Dice sets for D&D
Valentines Day Red and White Dice sets
$ 32.99

$ 39.99

Valentine's Day Bundle - RPG Dice Sets for Valentines Day Gift

Want the perfect gift for a Valentine's Day RPG Player?

We all know you can never have too many dice!

It's the perfect Valentines Day gift for your favorite roleplayer

Each Bundle Includes:

  • 1 -Set of our Limited Edition Huntress (11 Die Per Pack). Includes two d20's with SkullSplitter Logo, 1 d4, 4d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1% die and 1d12.
  • 1 - Medium Sized Velvet Dice Bag for Storage between Games
  • 1 Set of 7 Red Aether Stone
  • 1 Set of Pink Marbled with White Numbering
  • 1 Set of 7 polyhedral Dark Red Dice with Gold Numbering
  • 1 Set  of 7 White Marbled RPG Dice with Gold Numbering