SkullSplitter Annual Dice Subscription
$ 179.00

SkullSplitter Annual Dice Subscription

Hail Adventurer! Can you really ever have enough dice? 

With our annual dice subscription, you will be shipped 2 awesome dice sets at the incredibly low price of only $5 per dice set every month! 

(IMPORTANT: US Shipping is included in the price of this product - you will pay for shipping upfront and then that will cover your shipping cost each month)

What You Get In Your Subscription:

2 x mystery acrylic dice sets shipped monthly. These include 7-piece and 11-piece dice sets.

We will even track what has already been sent to you so you don't have to worry about getting the same dice set twice.

Perfect to fulfill your own dice addiction OR to keep your entire adventuring party's stock FULL!

*Includes the standard-sized d4-d20s.