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Single 100 Sided Polyhedral Dice (D100) | Light Blue Glow in the Dark with Black Numbering (45mm)

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Roll with Advantage with this die that is perfect for  Role Playing and Card Games or anything else you can think of!

What are these used for? "A large rock falls on the party...."

  •  A single polyhedral dice - 100 sided, 45 mm diameter, Glow in the Dark Color with Black Numbering. This die is a very light white with black numbers; it glows faintly a blue color if placed under natural light.  ****Important- Must be placed under natural light; this is UV activated****
  • Factory First- In Mint Condition. Made of high-quality polyresin material.
  • Quality checked: Every dice is inspected by hand before being packaged so that you only get the best.
  • All numbers are largely engraved in bright white coloring for easy comprehension. 6's and 9's clearly marked.

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