Translucent Rainbow RPG Dice sets with velvet Bags for D&D
Translucent Rainbow RPG Dice sets with velvet Bags for DND
Yellow Translucent  Dice Set with w bag for Dungeons and Dragons
Blue Translucent RPG Dice Set with Velvet Bag
Violet Translucent RPG Dice set for D&D
Red Translucent Polyhedral RPG Dice set for Dungeons and Dragons
Green Translucent Polyhedral RPG Dice Set
Orange Translucent Dice Set for DND
$ 19.99

Rainbow Translucent Bundle - Six Sets of 7 Polyhedral Translucent Dice with Small Bags

  • HIGH QUALITY, COMPLETE MATCHING SETS: There is nothing worse than getting defects, scratched sets, or random dull colors. Do they just grab a handful and stuff them in the package? That doesn't happen with us. Rest assured if it says 6 full sets, you're getting 6 full bulk dice sets.
  • PERFECTLY WEIGHTED ROLLS: Dice aren't really random, but we've taken pains to get close. These bulk translucent polyhedral dice are well-weighted, roll easily, and work perfectly with many RPGs, or any other place polyhedral dice are needed.
  • INCLUDES: 6 sets of 7 translucent rainbow dice, 6 drawstring small dice bags with a SkullSplitter Logo. Colors include:
    • Red,
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Violet
  • The same colors are included in every dice bundle!
  • VIBRANT GORGEOUS LOOKING DICE, GUARANTEED: If these rainbow translucent polyhedral dice tip too easily, if there's defects, or an incomplete set, or for any other reason, let us know and we'll make it right.