$ 24.99

$ 31.99

Premium Mystery Metal Dice Set

Want a little adventure in your life? Love playing tabletop roleplaying games? Then you'll love our new Premium Metal Dice Set Mystery Bags! 

1 x 7 pc Premium Metal Dice Set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d10(percentile 00-90), d12, d20)
1 x Random Metal D20 (to make 8 pc dice set in total!)
1 x Small Velvet Bag
  • This mystery dice set has a retail value of at *least* $29.99.
  • All secret dice orders shipped with USPS tracking number.
  • US Shipping is a flat rate per set (or less if you buy multiple)
  • D20s have our signature crossed double-ax logo on the 20 positions.


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