Polyhedral Dice Set - Light Blue Translucent Color With Glitter - Set  7 Polyhedral RPG Dice With White Numbers
$ 7.99

Light Blue Translucent Color with Glitter - Set 7 Polyhedral RPG Dice with White Numbers

You'll love adventuring with our dice set; these blue glitter dice perfect for characters who use lightning bolts and ice spells, but do so with a little extra fabulous sparkle!

  • This set contains one d4, one d6, one d8, one d10, one d%, one d12, and one d20 in a light blue translucent color with glitter and white numbers
  • These dice can used for Role Playing Games, Math Games or anything else you can think of.
  • Large numbers in bright white coloring for easy comprehension. Number 6's and 9's clearly marked.

    Money Back: If you're not satisfied with your purchase of this polyhedral dice set for any reason we offer a complete 30 day money back guarantee.