D20 - D20 Life Counters For - Magic The Gathering - Five D20s For Red, White, Black, Blue And Green
$ 4.99

d20 Life Counters for - CCH - Five D20s for Red, White, Black, Blue and Green

Having trouble keeping track of game stats while playing CCGs or other Collectible Card Games?

CCG and other collectible card games are a lot of fun when you are in the throes of feverish gameplay. Many things happen and the status of the game - and your cards can change quickly.

Keeping track of the life you have left can get pretty challenging.

Make your next CCG session fun and stress-free by using SkullSplitter’s Dice Life Counters especially made for all collectible card games.

This set of 5 beautifully crafted polyresin 20 sided dice life counters will allow you to focus on your strategy and the game since they will make it easier for you to keep track of all your game stats and creature powers etc. Simply turn the dice and choose between 1-20 and place on your card. 

At 20 mm they make it easier for you to monitor your progress with just a glance.  Those you are playing with won’t have to lean over the gaming table so much since they’ll be able to see it just as well. Acquiring this set is even considered as a step up in gaming vs. using coins or anything else you have on hand. 

Here’s what’s included in every set:

✅ 5 pcs. 20mm. Polyresin d20/ 20 sided dice. One each of White, Green, Blue, Red and Black