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  • fighter_monk_5e_multiclass_guide
    July 31, 2023

    Fighter Monk 5e Multiclass

    Fighter Monk 5e Multiclass Fists of Steel Fighters are versatile powerhouses, capable of countless techniques for applying cold steel to worthy opponents. Monks are ascetic disciples of the martial arts who have surpassed the physical limits through sheer willpower and...

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  • Barbarian Fighter Multiclass Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 5e
    April 20, 2022

    Barbarian Fighter Multiclass

    A 5e Dungeons & Dragons Guide to Barbarian / Fighter Multiclassing Barbarians are warriors of rage and power who crush their foes while shrugging off lethal injuries. Fighters are versatile masters of combat who wield superior techniques and countless weapons...

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  • Fighter Class Guide for Dungeons and Dragons 5e
    April 12, 2019

    Fighter 5e Class Guide for Dungeons and Dragons

    Stab, Slash, and Smack Your Way to Victory Fighters are at once very simple and incredibly complex with strategies ranging from "stab them with the pointy bit" to intricate multiclass and multi-feat shenanigans. But just what are the best ways...

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