Top Ten Tips for New Adventurers

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Heroes Abound!

That means it’s not one of your video games. They spoil you humans into thinking me, me, me. Leave that to the dwarves! Your brothers and sisters sitting with you are heroes too! Share the time. Stick together. If you go off and do something alone, limit your time with the Dungeon Master (DM) to ten minutes. Greed in dwarves is good. Greed in role playing is bad!

Be Creative, Take Chances

Video games limit your choices, young warrior. In role playing, your choices are unlimited. Like a mountain wind, you can go anywhere and try anything. But take heed of this warning. Consequences come with choices. Pull a fire-breathing dragon’s tail, you might end up a pile of ashes!


I say this with a sad heart, but you need little to get started. A pencil. A character sheet. Neither of which spring from my hammer and anvil. In time, you might want a player’s handbook. And then… your own dice! The rules? Those are easily found through the magical tubes of the Internet—on the site Wizards of the Coast!

Remember It’s Festive

You role play to have fun. Don’t be too serious, and let the others enjoy their fun in their own way. Don’t be a grumpy dwarf. We aren’t liked.

Accept the Call to Adventure

Don’t wait for the adventure to come to you. You have to grasp the adventure while the iron is hot. Seek. Want. Venture! Make your presence felt in the game through thought, words, and action.


Like a dwarf knows every hair in his beard, you should know all of your character’s abilities. Put them to use. If you’re uncertain how something might work, consult the DM.


Use your brain. Think ahead. When your turn arrives, be ready for immediate action. Other players will follow your lead, and combat will flow smoothly like a deep mountain stream.


You’re battling orcs, goblins, trolls, and dragons. The odds for failure are great. Don’t get attached to life! On adventure, you’d much rather die a hero than live a coward.


While role playing, you have two voices. Your character’s voice and your voice. Use both. Talk with your fellow adventurers outside of the game. Give the DM feedback on his story weaving skills. Make all of your voices known! Be social.


Role players are hungry for adventure. They are also hungry for food! Bring snacks, and your first impression will shine like gold. Consider seedcakes, mincepies, and edible fungus! Or, just bring what you think best.

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